Candles: Tips And Tricks


Candles have a magical way of infusing warmth and charm into any living space. With their soft flickering light and enticing scents, they can create a cozy and inviting ambiance that instantly elevates the decor of a home. 

1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT VESSEL FOR THE LOOK YOU ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE. The vessel you choose can create a unique aesthetic to your branded candle.  Decide what colors work for which season/holiday you plan to use or sell your candles. Mix and match candle vessels to create visually appealing collection that will suit your clients.

2. DESIGN LABELS THAT SHOWOFF YOUR BRAND: Design labels that complement your vessels and achieve the look you want: modern, elegant, retro, or iconic.  Make sure to check with your state to determine what information is required on your label.  Your insurance company should also be able to provide you with information. There are many companies that provide label printing, or you can print on your own.

3. CHOOSE TEH RIGHT WAX AND SCENT: There are a variety of candle waxes available to use.  Through testing waxes and wicks, you will determine what combination works best for you.  Candle Fragrances come in 1000's of blends from multiple companies.  It is best to use an established company to protect your brand.  Be sure to use fragrance oils in only the recommended amount.