Ambrosina Candle Vessel Co
We grew from the need to source elegant, one-of-a-kind candle vessels on-demand and at a fair price point. We work with wholesalers around the globe to provide vessels, boxes, and luxury candle-making items for the discerning crafter and professional candle maker. We are an American-owned company, located in Southern California and our shipments are dispatched from our warehouse in Los Angele
s. Look for Canadian and European warehouses to be added in 2022.
Our candle vessels are fabricated with an optimal thickness and feel. Our colours are modern, yet traditional and work beautifully with colourful palettes. They are as elegant in a rustic setting as they are in luxury homes and shops.
Like our vessels, our boxes and dust covers are made with thick, luxurious papers that contribute to the exquisite presentation of the entire candle. The boxes can be self-labelled or decorated so that the brand remains your signature brand.
We keep our prices lower than most all other luxury candle vessel companies by selling and shipping in bulk. All products: vessels, boxes, and dust covers come in sets of 8 or more.
We aim to provide the crafter or professional candle maker with unparalleled customer service and attention.
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2618 San Miguel Drive, Suite 1780